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About SchspIN – An Actress’s Thoughts

This blog was primarily started to discuss media and gender policy issues as well and to publish studies, analyses, comments and thoughts by Belinde Ruth Stieve.

The first blog text appeared on 16.1.13: SCHSPIN IST AM START – AND ACTION!

What does SchspIN mean?

  1. abbrev. for Schauspielerin (German -> actress)
  2. noun, rel. to herumspinnen (g. ->  to let one’s mind wander) and weiterspinnen (g. -> to continue the pursuit of sth)
  3. a productive article in motion, analogous to spinning wheel

Use of illustrations and texts / parts of texts:

You are welcome to use or quote my results and illustrations if you 1. do not change them, 2. indicate the complete source and 3. send me a proof of use. The same applies to textual quotations. Complete texts cannot be reprinted without permission.

Belinde Ruth Stieve

Concept Developer. Independent Researcher.
Expert on Diversity Change in Narrative and Society.
Inventor of NEROPA.


mail SchspIN {at} posteo de
Twitter / Insta: @schspin

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