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Das Katholikenproblem lösen – For a Thousand Lives: Be Human

English Version follows German.


Vor mehr als zwanzig Jahren, im Oktober 1992, erschien in der monatszeitung für eine gewaltfreie, herrschaftslose gesellschaft graswurzel revolution DAS KATHOLIKENPROBLEM LÖSEN.
Dieser Text weist aus norddeutscher Sicht auf die Gefahren katholischer Zuwanderung hin. Ich erhielt freundlicherweise vor vielen Jahren von dem Autor und der graswurzel revolution die Erlaubnis, diesen Text in einem literarischen Bühnenprogramm und auch sonst öffentlich zu verwenden.
Aus aktuellem Anlass hier eine alte Aufnahme:
Das Katholikenproblem lösen (4:09 min).

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Und außerdem möchte ich – als Filmschauspielerin und als EWA Botschafterin für Deutschland – auf den Appell Europäischer Filmschaffender FOR A 1000 LIVES: BE HUMAN an unsere Regierungen und die EU hinweisen (Link).


English Version

For a Thousand Lives: Be Human

Today’s German text centers on an article in the graswurzel revolution (grassroots revolution – a German monthly newspaper) from 1992 that I recorded about ten 10 years ago. It is an ironical comment on xenophobia.

Since I unfortunately don’t have the time to translate the text into English I will instead publish an appeal from Sept. 7 2015 by EWA European Women’s Audiovisual Network( of which I am a member and Ambassador for Germany):

Dear members and friends
we’d like you to  share with you have this initiative to raise our voices concerning the current situation. An Appeal from European Filmmakers and Other Film Professionals to our Governments and to the E.U.
Shocked by the recent events that took the current humanitarian crisis right into the heart of the EU, Nathalie Borgers (Belgian documentary director) and Ursula Wolschlager (Austrian producer) have started an initiative calling on European film professionals. As filmmakers are obliged to speak up, especially in times, when yellow media fuels xenophobic sentiment and human rights are disrespected. They launched the enclosed appeal Wednesday evening and by now over 2.300  filmmakers, actresses/actors, and other professionals from all over Europe have signed it.
Given the dramatic speed of the events, the appeal must go to the public by the end of the week.  If you identify with, please sign it and forward it to your colleagues, mentors and collaborators.  Especially important are big and popular names of actors and directors. And the more women, the better!
Thank you very much for your support.
Let’s raise our voices against these unbearable conditions!

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