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28. January 2019
by SchspIN
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19 Ideas for Film / TV / Stage

New Year’s Detox for the Industry Producer:  That‘s this damn influence of Buffalo* again! Always wanting to change everything! Author:  Yes, but he is right, isn‘t he? All I wrote in the beginning, it was so whimsical and romantic, – … Continue reading

22. December 2014
by SchspIN

Filmmakers’ Unions and Gender: ACTING. Part 3 / 3

PROLOGUE „Of course we can have another woman on the Board. But she’s got to have balls*.” „A woman on the Board only makes sense if she is well-known and the right calibre*. * BALLS: colloquial expression for man’s testicles, … Continue reading

14. July 2014
by SchspIN

Film: Frauengewerke, Männergewerke? – Filmcrafts: Some with Women, Some with Men?

English Version follows German. Gibt es das wirklich, Frauengewerke, Männergewerke? Heute geht es um 32 Teampositionen am Filmset und 2 Positionen vor der Kamera. Anhand der Datenbankeinträge von Crew United werden Frauen– und Männeranteile in den unterschiedlichen Bereichen einer Filmproduktion … Continue reading

14. April 2014
by SchspIN

Cinema, Career, Children?

Cinema, Career, Children: Can the Film Industry be called a family-friendly Workplace? This text is much longer than usual, reason being that I have not written on the (in-)compatibility of family life and working in the film industry up to … Continue reading