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31. July 2023
by SchspIN

Family-Friendliness and the Film Industry

This text is a short version of the keynote I held at Pro Quote Film’s “Family-friendly filming – the concrete congress” on 21.2.23. My first text on this topic was published on 14.4 2014 under the title “Children, cinema, career: … Continue reading

28. January 2019
by SchspIN
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19 Ideas for Film / TV / Stage

New Year’s Detox for the Industry Producer:  That‘s this damn influence of Buffalo* again! Always wanting to change everything! Author:  Yes, but he is right, isn‘t he? All I wrote in the beginning, it was so whimsical and romantic, – … Continue reading

26. July 2017
by SchspIN
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2 Interviews

  Letzte Woche wurde ich gleich zweimal interviewt: / Last week I was interviewed twice: Cecilia Johnson-Ferguson vom EWAWOMEN Netzwerk befragte mich (auf Englisch) zu meinem Besetzungstool NEROPA, und Yvonne de Andrés vom Aviva Berlin Online Magazin sprach mit mir … Continue reading

14. October 2016
by SchspIN
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Fair Pay & Acting

Fair Pay for All Today’s text is about the Fair Pay Initiative for Equity on the Pay Slip, with thoughts on the correspondent situation in the film business, especially as far as the wages of actresses and actors are concerned. … Continue reading