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Moving Day at the Blog

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A week or two ago it was time to move my blog SchspIN – An Actress’s Thoughts. The old (still existing) address was, the new one is, so it is now a subdomain of my website (where you can also find NEROPA:
Why did I move? Well, I found it annoying that the free WordPress page displayed ads (for obvious reasons). And I found it a pity that I couldn’t make the blog bilingual, like for example the NEROPA page is. Just to mention two reasons.

So here we are, Welcome Everybody!

The move isn’t quite finished yet, many boxes still have to be unpacked (meaning that I have to split up the texts and place them on two different – German and English – pages, I have to upload all images by hand (I could move all texts automatically), I have to give the gallery system so it works the same way as before – clicking through a group of images, and I also have to reformat all internal links on the English page by hand. At the same time I can take this opportunity to check all external links for up-to-dateness and make some linguistic corrections. This takes time. What unfortunately doesn’t work yet: a “Subscribe to Blog”-Plugin. But hopefully that will come soon.

The first texts (i.e. the most recent ones) have already formatted and checked to some extent, all others will follow sooner or later. By the way, all internal links in the not-yet-checked articles – i.e. links to another blog text within SchspIN – still lead to the old schspin-wordpress blog.

For the moment both blog sites will be available, containing roughly the same information. However all new investigations and texts will be published at the new address (this will also be announced on the ‘old’ blog). ..