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Gender Equality & Film Industry

Talk at German Film Union ver.di FilmUnion: Gender Equality & Film Industry

On June 11 the German union ver.di FilmUnion in Berlin held a talk on Gender Equality in the Film Industry (in German). I was asked to present some basic facts on the situation of women and men in the film and television industry behind and in front of the camera. These were my preliminary questions:

  • Who is working in which division?
  • Who is employed in which film?
  • Who is paid how much money?

These are the figures from my presentation.
We can clearly see for most film departments and groups of films (TV or cinema) that the share of female filmmakers actually working is less than their share within the department. The little data there is on wages and pay within the industry point to another disadvantage for women. So there is still a lot to be done by unions.
Following the galery you will find the original texts on SchspIN from which I took the figures.

These are some of the blog texts the figures were taken from:

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