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Superheroine against Violence – #metoo

Superheroine against Violence – #metoo

This image shows 9 white men, Horst Seehofer (CSU), the new Minister of the Interior, Building and Community (“Heimat”) and his 8 male state secretaries. The whiteness of them all is doubly anachronistic, as one of the areas of this ministry is “Heimat” – homeland / homecountry, and roughly 20 % of the German population belong to ethnic minorities.

Today’s text is about the overwhelmingly male dominated German acting union BFFS. I haven’t translated it so far, sorry.
I am also writing about the intiative, started by the BFFS in the aftermath of #metoo and the Weinstein revelations, to install a central complaints point for the German film industry for those affected by sexual abuse and violence, and by discrimination for a number of other diverse reasons. Conceptual meetings were held among delegates from various film unions and organizations. The BFFS was represented by two men.

Before this new complaint point is installed I hope that those planning it seek the advice of competent partners, and I would like to bring forward the bff Frauen gegen Gewalt (Women against Violence), an association of rape crisis centres and women’s counselling centres in Germany. This is their multilingual website. The bff offers support, information and further training.

It incorporates more than 160 rape crisis centres and women’s counselling centres all over Germany, constituting the majority of mobile counselling and support facilities for female victims of violence. These centres (Frauennotrufe and Frauenberatungsstellen) have existed in Germany for more than 30 years.
The bff denounces violence against women and girls through public relations and actions. As an umbrella organisation, they exert significant influence on political decisions.

The bff conducts seminars and conferences, disseminates expertise from practice and research and develops information material on the issue of violence against women. (The Federal Association)

Here’s their latest campaign video “Superheroine against Violence”, inclusive and accessible, which they published on Nov. 27, the International Day against Violence against Women. Is available in five languages (German, German Sign Language, English, Turkish and Arabic) – please share it!:

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