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20. June 2023
by SchspIN

New Campaign: #swaptheadjectives

Swap the Adjectives! A Test A few days ago I rece ived a programme note from Real Film Berlin / Studio Hamburg, it was about the start of broadcasting a six-part “thriller series” on Netflix. This is called SLEEPING DOGS … Continue reading

Old Women. Visibility. Part II

1. November 2021 by SchspIN

From our Society – Older Visible Women

A few days ago I wrote in the text Old Women. Visibility. Part I that I would compile and publish a gallery of “older and old women from real life. You can now view it here, either as a general overview, or click through the portraits individually and read the German explanations under the pictures: Name, age in the photo, profession and photographer:in / Common Licence. This information should also appear when you move your mouse over the pictures (the photos also function as an occupation game, which is why I have added the occupation to the female politicians).

As I said, there are many female politicians, on the one hand quite banal, because they are so easy to find as a larger group of older women in Wikipedia, with public domain photos. But there are also other women, I have, for example, looked through the lists of the Order of Merit Ribbon Awards – which are mostly made up of men, but a few women have also been awarded. Most of them have an entry in Wikipedia, but many without a picture. And women scientists, writers and a few actresses and a few under 40 are there too.

What I haven’t done is to make a percentage distribution of all possible population groups. But I think the pictures are already much more diverse in terms of older women than those who populate German fictional TV.

As a reminder: “Since they are mostly official photos or photos of professional appearances, the women were of course also made up and the pictures were certainly also edited, which is perfectly okay.” Nevertheless, they look different from PR photos of older actresses.

We Should be seeing Women like These on Fictional TV Programmes

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28. November 2017
by SchspIN
Comments Off on Was Hänschen lernt… – Teach an Old Dog Tricks!

Was Hänschen lernt… – Teach an Old Dog Tricks!

English Version follows German. Es gibt ein altes Sprichwort „Was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmermehr.“ Nun können wir natürlich darüber sprechen, wie viel schwieriger es ist, eine Fremdsprache im Alter zu erlernen, das Spielen eines Musikinstruments oder die Grundbegriffe … Continue reading

16. February 2017
by SchspIN

Augen auf – Stereotype – Open Eyes

English Version follows German. Ich blogge mittlerweile seit vier Jahren über die Branche und eine Reaktion die ich immer wieder bekomme ist „Doppelt so viele Männer- wie Frauenrollen? Das war mir nie aufgefallen, – aber jetzt achte ich darauf, und … Continue reading