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NEROPA-Webinar in Cooperation with WIFT Germany on Dec. 17.

NEROPA Online Seminars

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A month ago, on November 14, I gave my first digital NEROPA workshop as part of the FilmlöwinKino series. It was an interesting experience that showed me that the Gender & Diversity Tool NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity can also be taught in an online seminar. (Although trying out the method in small groups, brainstorming and working around tables and with wooden figures works a bit better and is more fun. But it’s Corona times, and digital workshops are the order of the day. And in the long run, digital formats further reduce my ecological footprint because I can present NEROPA all over the world and let people try it out in workshops without having to travel.

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And there‘s number two! Thursday 17 Dec 20, 6 to 7.30 p.m.

I am happy to be presenting my method NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity online again this week, this time in collaboration with WIFT Germany, and with plenty of room for questions, answers and comments.

Not only are women underrepresented behind the camera, we also see them less often on screen, on TV and in streams. With NEROPA Neutral Role Parity, Belinde Ruth Stieve has developed a method that counteracts this and subsequently makes screenplays more gender-appropriate and diverse. With NEROPA, male-heavy stories and one-sided casts can be corrected in various phases of a film production. NEROPA provides an easy-to-perform, systematic procedure that does not create additional roles, but rather converts neutral (formerly male) roles into female ones. The NEROPA approach can also be applied early in the story development process, and outside of film and television, for novels, games, panels, comics, and more.

The webinar structure will be shaped by the classic W-questions, the old tool of role and material development:

Besides an introduction to the situation in front of the camera (Why is NEROPA needed?), I will describe the procedure (How does NEROPA work?), talk about in which production phases the method is used (When does NEROPA happen?) and how NEROPA can be implemented on a broader level (Who can introduce NEROPA?). I will also talk about possible uses of NEROPA outside the film industry (Where else can NEROPA be used?), either more briefly or more extensively, depending on the composition of the participants.

Technik für das NEROPA-Webinar bei WIFT Germany

The webinar is aimed at filmmakers, at commissioning editors, writers, producers, directors, actors, dramaturgs, editors, and at theatre producers, journalists, developers, politicians, cultural managers and others.

WIFT members can participate free of charge and should contact WIFT Germany info[at]wiftg[punkt]de. All others can register via Eventbrite: click!

The webinar is held in German.

And what about number three?

Yes. Preliminary talks are currently underway for an English-language NEROPA online seminar.

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